Stand-by Service

Another innovative service of N.A.S. SHIELD is the Standby Service. The basic difference from Guarding on demand is that you can buy packages of 40-80-120-160 hours and use them whenever you want. A Security officer will always be standing by for you!

Until now, the right to security offered by on-site guards was maintained only by companies and individuals with high incomes, due to its high cost. We give every small and medium-sized company and private individual the right to private security through our affordable financial offers and smart packages.

Indicative examples for small and medium businesses and individuals who may need our services.

Pharmacies that are on duty at night.
24-hour gas stations.
General Commerce and Catering Shops operating until the early hours.
Businesses with shift changes, cash registers and money transfers.
Individuals providing all types of services based in their home.
Businesses organising events for security in welcoming and keeping a guest list.

Procedure for subscribing to Standby Service.

Fill in the form, with your full name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Write us what package of 40/80/120/160 hours you want, how long you will spend your hours and the reason for using the service. (eg I have a pharmacy and I want to keep it in the evening on call).
You will receive an answer directly with our attached contract, the contract signed and sent by email to the address we will give you and a link that will take you to a secure banking environment to pay with your credit / debit card .
Upon confirmation of payment, the service will be active. You can e-mail us the program you want based on your personal needs or your business as well as the set of hours you want to use from your package. (eg The pharmacy is on duty on 12-04,19-04,25-04, I need security from 22:00 to 06:00).
After you run the service, you will receive an e-mail informing you of the remaining hours of your package and you can send us your new program again.
Send invoice / proof of service in electronic form directly and in printed form to your address within 48 hours of purchase of the package.

Instructions and useful information.

The name in the form must be the same as the one on your credit / debit card in Latin characters.

Make sure you write your email correctly

The address in the form must be the address that we will provide you with our services.

The contract we will send to you only concerns a building site address, the address you will tell us. This means that the service can only be performed there. (eg Do not buy a 80-hour package in order for us to provide you with security at your home and at your store. You must purchase 2 packages of 40, stating a different address.)

The reason we ask you for the time you spend your hours is because the sooner you use it, the lower our offer will be. Do not miss it.

If the transaction concerns a company / legal entity and you do not want to pay with a card, you can indicate it with the reason for using the service and send us an IBAN for e-banking payment via our e-mail. The service will become active once we receive proof of payment).

A few words about us

Thanks to the 17 years of hard work, experience, training and continuous knowledge enrichment of our executives, we provide top-level security services, always with a high sense of responsibility, integrity and reliability.

N.A.S. SHIELD LTD. , 85 Great Portland Street, W1W 7LT, London, United Kingdom tel. +44 77003 97797

N.A.S. SHIELD M. IKE. , Γούναρη 78, Τ.Κ. 165 61, Γλυφάδα, Ελλάδα, τηλ. +30 6938 333888

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